23 December 2012

Mo' books.

I set myself a reading challenge a short while back, to sweep up the books I am mid-way through so that I could start a-fresh in the new year. I mentioned there that I am one hell of a slow reader. Well, I didn't do very well at tackling them. Actually, I didn't get around to finishing one! I guess I didn't think about Christmas being a pretty busy time of year for me. 

Anyway, I am still going to get those books out of the way. And, when 2013 hits I'm going to get a whole new bunch of books and get back into writing my weekly book posts. I really love sharing my books thoughts with you guys. These are the 5 I want to get first;

They are a mixture of my interests, loves and it also includes a few kinds of books that I wouldn't usually read; Non-fiction. I first heard of 'How to make love like a porn star' over on Kaylahs blog and man, does she have awesome reading taste, it went straight onto my wish list. This Serial Killer book was recommended to me as a good introduction to true crime books. I am weirdly interested in all things to do with serial killers, I read tonnes about them online but this will be my first book about the subject. I get huge teenage crushes on sport stars all the time, and Bradley Wiggins is way up there. He's my absolute hero and I can't wait to hear more about his life. And finally, the old faithfuls;  Palahniuk and Bukowski, two of my favourite authors so naturally their books made it on here.


As always, I would love to hear any recommendations from you guys! Whether its similar to things you know I read, or completely different, please let me know. I'm always looking to broaden my reading horizons. 


  1. I love Bukowski, I have a small collection of his books.

    I am also quite obsessed with reading about serial killers and will buy any books on the subject when I see them. I feel a bit odd having them on display sometimes.

    1. Haha, I sometimes think people will judge me on my bookshelf, but I'm interested in it, so what!


  2. This is quite a diverse collection! I love it.


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