21 December 2012


Today, me and Dixon are 3 years old. And I am super lucky. We met completely by accident just over three years ago, and I can't imagine things any other way. Dixon is my best friend who is the funniest, kindest and smartest person. 

To celebrate we're going for a meal at Prashad. We've both been dying to go for a while, but never made the effort to travel over to Bradford. So guess how excited I was to find out it moved 25minutes from our flat!? We may go see the Hobbit too, but we are both awful at making it to the cinema. Maybe we'll go bowling! Either way, its going to be a fun day.

I really couldn't imagine a person I would rather spend the last day on Earth with. Heres to another amazing year (if we survive the apocalypse).



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chloe x

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