29 November 2012

Good as New #2

Brrr it sure is getting cold over here. I'm sat writing this wrapped in a huge blanket. I've been clinging onto the beautiful Autumnal days as long as I can but it is definitely time to get out those hats and scarfs. If you haven't done already!

I've only recently realised I can pull off wearing hats. I used to think my head was way too big (it is pretty big) but now I have a straight fringe they seem to look good! So, I went ahead and bought this reasonably plain looking wool hat. Than decided I was jealous of all the amazing pom-pom hats I was seeing people wearing. So, here is what I did;

You'll need:
      - 1 x Hat
      - Ball of Wool in a contrasting colour to your hat
      - Thickish Card
      - Scissors
      - A wool needle

You'll need to do:

1// Cut out two doughnut pieces of card, and cut your wool down into a more manageble lengeth (a couple of meters) and start wrap it around the doughnut just like the photos above! 2// Keep going until you have 2 or 3 layers of wool. If you use more than one length of wool, there is no need to tie them together. 3// Now you need to cut the wool between the two pieces of card. Make sure you hold on tight to the wool!! 4// Wrap one strand around the whole bunch, in-between the two doughnuts and tie it tightly. 5// Take out the card (or cut it if needed), fluff out and trim any pieces that are sticking out of your pom. 6// Now, add it to your hair! Thread the the central piece of wool that you used to tie the whole thing together onto a wool needle, and stitch it tightly to the centre of your hat. 7// Ta da!! Admire your fancy new accessories.


I'm sure pom-poms are something most people would have learnt to make in school, I did when I was about 8-9 years old. Its amazing what I was taught from way back then. You could use pom-poms as tree decorations, add them onto scarves or use them to decorate presents!


  1. awesome! great idea, looks great!

  2. That turned out awesome. You look so cute in your photos.

    When I was a kid at summer camp, I used to make pom pom necklaces for people all the time. I love pom poms, they're just so cute!

    1. Aw thank yooou!!

      Thats pretty cute, I think i only made them once as a kid. And I remember it being quite frustrating, I'd have never been able to make a whole necklace!



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