27 November 2012

Gifts that Give.

This Christmas I have decided to give a few charitable gifts to my family and friends along side their main gifts. Charity is a tough thing to talk about around holidays. Money is tight. But when money is tight for us, its even worse for those who rely on charitable donations to keep their organisation afloat.

There are so many fun, interesting and meaningful gifts to choose from out there now. I think they're perfect for giving and that warm feeling you'll get is definitely worth it!

What about growing your own mango tree? Not only is it a great source of food, but something familys can sell at market or trade. Help families build up their livestock by buying a share in a farmyard. How about training up a pump attendant? £20 can give a villager 3 days training on maintenence to vital water pumps. And finally, adopting an animal is pretty standard, but what about adopting one of the last 800 mountain gorillas in Central Africa? Who could say no to that baby face!

You could always think a little closer to home. I'm going to be donating to the Whitehall Dog Shelter. I'll be giving enough for 8 doggy Christmas Dinners (thats 1 for each person I'm gifting to!). I'm going to make little cards to present them to my loved ones, and I hope they'll be super happy thinking about those little pups having a treat. I know I will be :)

What about you, have you given a charitable gift before? What did you decide to give? And how to the receiver react?


  1. What interesting and great ideas for gifts! I love helping out dog shelters around the holidays - it's also important to promote that rescues and shelters have puppies as SO many people buy dogs at this time of year! I'm a fan of adopting a bit older, able to hold their pee in, pups myself :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. I wish more people had that mind set! :) It's so sad seeing all those dogs without a home. And they're all so lovely! I don't know how people can say no.


  2. For my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to Kiva, so that I could share the love. I thought it was an awesome idea. He's been giving micro loans with them for a couple of years now and always gets so much satisfaction knowing that his original $100 he put in all that time ago has now been recirculated about eight times to all different people in need. So, he thought that I might get the same satisfaction out of choosing who to loan to and seeing them slowly repay me, so that I too can recirculate the money.

    I think giving to charity is a great idea for Christmas. In fact, the boyfriend refuses any gifts, so his family always just makes charitable donations in his name. That's how he'd prefer it. (I, on the other hand, get great joy out of opening a stocking. If the rest of my gifts were charitable donations, I'd be totally cool with that, though!)

    1. Aw, thats so awesome!! I've never heard of Kiva so I just went a head and read up about it. What an amazing idea! I love that it can go around and around to help more and more people.

      I think charitable gifts are amazing too, I know its going to be something I will be asking for, and giving, more and more in the future! I just wish more people thought of the good feeling theyd get as a gift rather than them not having something for themselves!


  3. What a great idea! I think this year I will be doing something for my local animal shelter since I have a soft spot for animals and got my cat from one.


  4. This is really amazing. I think it's so important to give especially at this time. I always try to give a tiny bit for the holidays, I feel like there's room in every budget for it. xo



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