20 September 2012

A Little Goal Update

I am now just over a month into my Eighteen before Twentyfive goal challange, and I feel as though I have made a tiny dent into the overall list, must try harder. Anyway, here is a bit of an update on the ones I have tried out;

7. Go carbooting. - Yes! I did this last weekend. Me, Dixon and my old housemate Amy took a trip to Otley one Sunday. I was impressed with the amount of people selling, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to carbooting. I saw a lot of things I would have loved, but I over thought them all and ended up with nothing. There was an amazing old radio for £10, which I thought was way too much at the time, looking back it was easily worth it and it'd have looked great on our bookshelf. And a hornsea jar I was too scared to even ask the price of. I will try again soon. There is a flea market in town this weekend actually, exciting!

12. Explore Yorkshire! - I've had two little trips to new place in my home county. You can read about them here; 1. & 2. I have barely scratched the exploring surface and I'm making a list of places I'd like to visit. I'm really wanting to have a weekend away soon in a super fancy hotel, maybe over in the Yorkshire Dales or the North Yorkshire Moors give us lots of time to explore.

14. Take more photos (especially film) and frame them to hang around the flat. - I've started on this one with a little project you can see here; Photo decoupage InitialsI have also gotten my hands on 6 expired films and some polaroid film. I'm also experimenting with some fun toy cameras from my collection (including this 4 lense one). So expect some photo posts pretty soon.

15. Sort my finances out. - I did a credit rating check thanks to noddle.co.uk, to see exactly how dyer my situation was. And that it is. I read that showing dependency on any kind of credit kicks your credit ratings butt, sooo I booked an appointment with my bank to see about getting a little loan to pay off my overdraft along with the Topshop card (I have been paying £5 a month off for the last 4 years and its obviously getting me no where). I also got myself on the electoral register! I am also giving up Starbucks. Its super convenient to run out and grab a coffee because there is one right by my work. But as of today, no more, the coffee is no good, and that £3.25 a day could be better used in savings.

17. Go see a play. - Dixon went ahead and got us tickets for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof :) It's next month and I cant wait to go! I imagine the theater being really elegant and upperclass, which it completely wont be, but I am still getting dressed up. I will hopefully do an outfit post on that too!

18. Learn to enjoy time alone. - This one has been huge for me! And I'm really starting to enjoy it. I've started making time for a real lunch break whilst at work at least twice a week. I go and sit in a cafe with a book, or I write some blog plans. It probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but I hate sitting alone, but its actually nice to have that hour to myself. I took a big leap too and went on my solo trip to Ilkley, whilst it was fun I still felt pretty unfomfortable and would have had a way better time with someone to talk to.


I'm kind of starting to think that I should have been a little more adventerous with my goals, or a little more challanging, but we'll see how it goes. I'm enjoying it so far, and looking forward to doing more. Have you set yourself any goals this year? How're they going?

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