23 August 2012

Top 5 from Etsy

I don't know how I've managed my whole life on the internet without Etsy, pretty much everything on there is amazing!! I visited it a few times over the years but never really got it. But now, I'm constantly finding something new that I love, and it's full of inspiration too. Here are a few of the things I really really love at the minute;

Ceramic Creamer and Sugar Bowl in Teal- I love the wave pattern on this set, I'm not sure I'd use them a milk and sugar bowl, I'd probably never actually use them through fear of damaging them.

Bee Rubber Stamp - I'm really loving stamps at the minute, and this is one of the favourites I've come across. Would be great to stamp envelopes and labels for the wine we're making!

Tiny Initial Heart Neckclace - I'll definitely be getting one of these, they're sooo cute and tiny. Everyone I know will probably be getting one for Christmas too.

Chevron Fold Over Clutch - All the bags JessieBlume makes are amazing. I love the colours, and I love the patterns (you can't go wrong with chevrons right!?). This one is my favourite at the minute, although I keep skipping between them all. I'd get this isn either black or lime green!

Tiny Hand Necklace - This one is already on it's way over to me, pretty excited! I've wanted it for a while now after seeing Ella get her own little St Jude necklace, but finally went and ordered it on Monday. Datters designs are pretty amazing, I haven't seen anything like them before. This, and the gold arrow necklace are my favourites. AND they're now made in England. Woo.


  1. I love that sugar bowl! & the hand necklace is going on my wishlist! Love it xx


  2. sweet! i LOVE both those necklaces!! ugh, probably going to have order myself one or both in the near future! thanks for sharing my dear!


  3. What is with the British and dangling digits? My husband is English, and he has a FINGER on his keychain (which he refuses to part with). I must say, I much prefer the gold hand to a rotting finger, but still.

    1. Ha! Now, i cannot speak for the whole of my people, but that is strange. Whos finger is it?!



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