26 August 2012

Ilkley Trip

The football season has started again, which means every second weekend I have the apartment to myself. Dixon goes back to his home town, Sunderland, for every home game they play. Last season I hated it, I hate going places by myself, I'm socially awkward as hell so I'd stay home and not do very much at all. What a waste of time! As I've set myself the challenge to enjoy my alone time (#18), when Dixon went for his coach home yesterday, off I went on a trip of my own.

I decided to go to Ilkley, is right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales (#12), it's a beautiful place that I've only ever been to briefly before. You can see the rolling hills all around you, but because of the misty rainy weather I couldn't get any photographs to show you. I sheltered from the rain quite a lot, had a huge coffee, did some charity shop searching and explored the streets.

I found the river which was huge, and a waterlogged park full of ducks. I definitely did not wear appropriate shoes for that much rain. I regret not getting any bread from the amazing bakeries but I'd love to go back when the weather is a little better. I picked up this little chili plant for Dixon, not completely sure what kind it is, but its so cute! All in all, I didn't mind being by myself. Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship (with myself)!

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