18 June 2012

Optimus Primavera Sound

For those of you who haven't heard about Primavera festival, it's a 3-4 day long music festival which started in Barcelona in 2001. I have been for the last 2 years, and loved it. I've seen the Pixies, Pulp, Battles, Pissed Jeans, Field Music, Odd Future, Pavement and, my favourite of all, Sufjan Stevens. This year saw the first Optimus Primavera Sound, the Portugese version, the weekend ticket was a lot cheaper than its Barcelona sister, so we decided to go there instead. At first I was not happy with this decision, I LOVE BARCELONA. But, I am so glad to have been at the first ever Optimus Primavera Porto and experience a new city. 

The biggest difference between the two festivals, Optimus is based in Parque da cidade, a huge park! The original festival is in a weird purpose built concrete area, still amazing, but with little places to have a proper sit down and relax. I think this was the reason the atmosphere was a lot more chilled out, tote bags were handed out all weekend, that folded out into amazing orange gingham picnic blankets, so everyone was sat down with friends, watching bands from a distance during the day enjoying the sun and having a good time. Whoever had the idea for the blanket bags is a genius!

The drinks options at the Barcelona festival sucked, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister or San Miguel, the first two are a recipe for disaster, and the last leave me a bloated mess ball. At Optimus there was SO many more options, and best of all, sangria! The food options sucked a little, there was basically nothing for vegetarians, let alone vegans, hopefully they will notice this though and chance it for next year. Fingers crossed.

The highlight of the music for me was M83, I saw them earlier in the year, but outside on a huge stage where I was right at the front with thousands of people behind me made it a whole lot better. I also got to see, and loved the Dirty Three, Flaming Lips, Shellac and Yann Tiersen. Not as many people played compared to Barcelona, I think because no one knew how it was going to be received, I'm sure that will change for next year through.

If you like the sound of the music, I highly recommend you go to either of the two.

Are you off to a festival this year? Home or abroad? I'm interested in knowing where it is you're going. There are so many festivals, give me some tips!

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