22 June 2012

DIY Cups

I'm going to my parents straight after work today for my Mums birthday (and to party!), I also haven't seen my Dad since Fathers day, so I'll be taking a few gifts along with me. I decided to make them their own cups as little extra prezzy, inspired by this A Beautiful Mess blog post (have a read for full directions). Its soooooooo easy.

All you need, is some cheap cups, a marker pen (or acrylic paint) and an oven! I sketched my design with pencil first before going over it in the marker, then sticking in the oven. I was SO scared that the cups were going to shatter and make a mess impossible to clean inside the oven, but it worked great.

I'm pretty impressed with how these turned out, and will definitely be making more, less rushed versions in the future. I don't think anything beats a home made gift, I don't do it enough

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