2 December 2015

Shop Independent This Christmas // Gift Guide

I'm sure I don't have to tell you the benefits of shopping and giving independently this Christmas. Every single tiny purchase means the world to makers and creators (have a read of the 'Just a Card' campaign, if you haven't already); add something handmade to you wishlist, give something handmade to friends. Go into that independent shop in town! Buy cards and wrapping paper from local illustrators. You're not just keeping those people going, you are going to get something beautiful and unique to have forever.

It's so hard narrowing a list down like this (so I'm going to do a couple!!). There are so many incredible, talented people out there that you should be buying from during the holidays (and so many things I'm in love with). Here are a few favourites right now:

Everyone loves a planter right now, and this little guy with gold and pink details is just ncredible. (via. Hickleville)

A wonderful combination of knitted yarn and brass. I can't get enough! Statement necklaces forever and ever. (via. Ampersand Commodities)

The stuff dreams are made of; chips. This cone of chips brooch has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Look at that tiny fork! (via. Rock Cakes)

This print is perfect for giving; I think it would be amazing in a kids room too. I might have to buy myself to go in our living room. (via. Yardsale Press)

Oh man, this cute clay spotty necklace is on my wish list for sure, I hope I get it!  (via. This Way To the Circus)

YELLOW,  everything please. This half and half plate is so beautiful. I want a whole set. (via El-Aich Designs)


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