12 May 2015

My Favourite (Simple) Sewing Tools.

It’s taken me a while to get a good set of tools. I’m always reluctant to spend loads on fancy tools which I’m probably only going to use once, if I can figure a way around spending, I will. But there are some things I absolutely love and wouldn’t do without. They're not anything incredible special or revolutionary but holy crap they are useful! 

Seam Ripper - Firstly, the un-picker/seam-ripper. What I would do without you, I don’t know. Incredibly useful when you first start out and are still constantly sewing things together the wrong way or in the wrong place. It makes re-doing mistakes incredibly easy. But, it’s also really useful when adjusting clothes; unpicking serged hems is a total nightmare without an unpicker! I use mine to cut my thread at the end of sewing too. And, I think this one cost me 99p!

Sharp Massive Scissors - I always had a bit of a problem cutting fabric, and for a while I was using a rotary cutter which I got when I was playing around with patchwork quilts; rotary cutters are great but on a larger scale scissors are definitely the way to do. Accuracy is important when it comes to following patterns (particularly clothes). When pieces don’t fit together properly it can be a nightmare so I would definitely recommend getting your hands on some decent massive scissors and keep them sharp too! It’ll make your sewing-life a million times easier.

A selection of Fancy Pins - Okay, so practicality wise it doesn't totally matter what they look like but it’s useful to have a selection of pins; ones without any plastic on so you can iron over/around them without melting them, variation in sizes are super useful too. But my absolute favourite are my multi-coloured leaf ones! They’re supposed to be for dress making, I think, but they definitely make my sewing brighter, and because they’re so big I never miss pulling them out either.


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