7 February 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 27 - 36

Day 27// Sweetcorn and Chili. Told you I was going through a sweetcorn phase.
Day 28// Becoming a fan of socks over tights.
Day 29// Stew & dumplings. The best winter food. 
Day 30// Dogs in jumpers, never gets any less cute.
Day 31// Finally finishing off some embroidery I started AGE ago.
Day 32// Bunting sewing! My first ever batch and it turned out amazing.
Day 33// Knitting in bed, I got to a hard bit of my sock pattern...
Day 34// Crap days at work result in wine. Yep.
Day 35// Hanging with Dixon in our favourite place.
Day 36// Bolognese! (Sorry for all the food photos...) 

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