1 December 2014

See Ya November.

DECEMBER. Can you believe it?! I know 2015 is going to be an amazing so I'm really looking forward to the year finishing. But first, more of the german market, christmas decorations, knitting and celebrating!! Christmas is at my parents this year. Its Evas first birthday and Dixon and my 5th year anniversary, which I can't wait to celebrate.

November was quiet and calm. We came home from our log cabin trip and both got sick. We don't get sick very often, so it sucked. I started knitting a hat, and a few little bits. I think I'm actually starting to get the hang of knitting. My mum came to visit and we went to the german market. I FINALLY bought myself a Nutcracker, and I love it. I got a load of films developed. I saw the Wytches, at my favourite venue and it was unreal. 


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