3 November 2014

Dale Farm, Hunmanby.

Last week we packed up and headed out, three trains later we arrived in a tiny village called Hunmanby, North Yorkshire and to our little log-cabin for the next few days. The cabin was perfect. The log-burner totally made it. I have never wanted anything in my life as much as I want a log-burner right now. This post is kind of picture heavy, so click through!

It's tough trying to find a dog-friendly, public-transport accessible holiday (neither Dixon or me drive). We hadn't been away all year so I was desperate to get somewhere... after trawling the internet for ideas I stumbled upon Dale Farm and their log cabins, I booked it straight away. And I am so glad I did. The cabin was one of three in the grounds of a beautiful farm house. The cabin itself was small but had everything we needed; a little sofa-bed, log-burner and electricity! It was surrounded by trees with swings hanging from them and fields and fields of nothing but sheep, cows and grouse.

(just toasting up my socks)

At night, in the cabin we watched films and made coffee and toast on the log-burner. I was worried we were going to be cold at night, but that thing made the room so warm we had the windows open most of the time. Eva was the happiest laying on the rug in front of it. It rained one of the nights and that was kind of hard to sleep through but other than that it was so silent. We were there over Halloween and I was expecting to be terrified, but it was the total oppressive.

During the day we did a lot of walking... The farm was a bit of a trek from the village, up roads with no paths and pretty steep hills (which really was no fun with our huge bags and the pup when we first arrived). We walked to Filey one day, I've never been there before and I loved it! The beach was full of crabs, rock-pools and shells. I found my first ever piece of beach glass there which made me way happier than it probably should have. The next day we caught the train to Scarborough which we were not a fan of at all, the beach was nice but the whole place was kind of depressing. Hunmanby itself is tiny, there was a nice pub we sat outside of and a pretty tasty fish & chip shop. We actually didn't get chance to explore the cliffs in Hunmanby, a taxi driver told us the view from up there is amazing... and its actually making me want to go back. 



  1. That looks like such an awesome place to go for a getaway. Hope you had a great time.

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