23 September 2014

Recently Enjoyed.

I haven't been blogging all that much recently. It's starting to get dark early! And that makes me photograph stuff less... So I have less things to post. Which kind of sucks. But I'm going to start taking advantage of the weekend light. I really miss writing! I have a tonne of things planned too. 

1// There aren't many better feelings than cracking open a perfect (and huge) avocado. 2// Dixon & Pup admiring the river Aire whilst on an adventure. 3// My first visit to The Tetley, I loved the whole building (although the art was a little scarce). 4// A weekend visit from my best buds, and one huge horse. 5// My brother got married! I love this photo of him and his wife, Fay. 6// Becoming a huge fan of having flowers around the house, £2 carnations may be my favourite.

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  1. I love cutting open an avocado as well! especially when the core/seed thing comes out perfectly! yumm


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