31 August 2014

Foraging - Take 2

Last year I went on a foraging walk, and this weekend Dixon, Eva and me set out to go and find the apple trees I was shown back then! I could hardly remember where they were, we went wrong a few times. BUT, I actually learnt loads on the walk last year which meant I spotted a load of other things on the way so it totally didn't matter! I was SO happy with some of the things we found. Its still a little early in the year but we found rosemary, red clove, rose hips (that weren't ripe yet!), sea-buckthrone (which we tried, and regret not picking), a tonne of blackberries, mushrooms, horse-radish then, finally, a loooad of apples. The orchard was a lot more over-grown than it was last year, so we missed it a couple of times! Having a 6foot+ Dixon with you when you're fruit picking is definitely an advantage. 

I'll be sharing some recipes soon on what we did with our finds! Dixon really wants to make blackberry wine but it can take years to be ready to drink. We want to give cider a go too! I'm definitely going to make an apple sauce, blackberry jam and I've no idea what to do with the horseradish yet! But I'm sure I'll figure something out. Go nature!

^^ We didn't pick these because we weren't 100% sure what they were! ^^
^^ I spotted the Horseradish bush! And Dixon pulled out some of the root! ^^


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  1. Beautiful photographs! Looks like an amazing day!


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