16 July 2014

Left-Over Chilli Quesadilla // Vegan Blogs

A super quick breakfast idea using left-over chilli. (Is this weird to have for breakfast? I'm not sure...) Chilli is definitely something that is better the next day, if it ever makes it that far... which is kind of rare in our house. But when it does, this is the perfect way to enjoy it. Easy and quick.

Heat up a dry griddle pan to a highish heat. Grab a tortilla (or make your own... which I usually would do, but you know, breakfast should sometimes be lazy) and cover half in cheese; I am not a huge fan of vegan cheese and don't have it too often, but I used this one from tesco, its the best easily accessible non-overpowering dairy-free cheese I have found (England has a pretty limited vegan-cheese selection). Add your left-over chilli (no need to heat it up). You can add pretty much anything you like; spinach would be perfect,  left over rice even better, diced onion, hot sauce or avocado would all be amazing.  I had some left over sweetcorn, so that went in there too, along with some fresh coriander. Fold your tortilla in half and place into your pan. I always squash mine down using a spatula which it cooks. Flip over when you the tortilla starts to get lightly toasted and your cheese is starting to melt. When evenly toasted, cut in half and enjoy with lots of coffee.


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  1. That looks -so- delicious! I'm not sure chilli would survive the night in our house but if it ever does, there will definitely be quesadillas for breakfast ^_^


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