22 July 2014

At the Beach.

^ See the awesome tree stump that washed up? Where did it come from!? ^

On Friday Dixon, Eva and me jumped on a train to visit Dixons parents (and their two boxers) for the weekend. I was so worried about Eva meeting the dogs, it couldn't have gone better. I mean, they chased each other around for hours at first... but after that they got on sooo well. Eva is not scared of anything. On Saturday we went on a huge humid, foggy walk down the River Wear and onto the beach. Everything looked amazing in the fog, the lighthouse, the shipyards and pier. The rain kind of sucked and my feet ached like crazy but I had so much fun. I love the beach, I could spend my whole life there, and having three pups with us made it even better. Seeing Eva swim in the sea was so amazing. We went back the next day too... The weekend definitely tired us all out.



  1. gorgeous photos! That tree stump is really awesome. I want to know where it came from too! Haha.


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