2 May 2014

See Ya April.

April! You were a good month. And May? You're going to be even better. There is actual light in the hours I am not at work which makes me feel way more enthusiastic about getting outside. Next month I should hopefully start volunteering for the RSPCA, which makes me so happy. I want to go to the beach and pick loads of elderflowers. AND, finally put some of our plants on our allotment?

At the beginning of the month Dixon and me took Eva to my parents, it was her longest train trip yet. And she met my two brothers and there dogs. I shot my first film in my split-cam. I saw Saves the Day for the first time ever (thanks to Dixon), I'm happy they played some of my favourite songs. I got tattooed a couple of times. The sun was out and we hung out, outside, for the first time this year. All our plants started to grow, and are getting huge. I am so excited to actually eat them at the end. I found a new little stream for Eva to plan in close to our house. I went to the deli market and picked up some bread from my favourite company. AND, I signed up to an at-home college. Which is ore exciting than anything.


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