1 April 2014

See Ya March.

I don't feel as though I have all that much to really say about March. The weather is turning, some of our plants started sprouting which is awesome and it is getting warmer. I am now fully excited for summer. I'm really looking forward to April though;  Dixon got me tickets to see my favourite band of all time ever (Saves the Day) and on the 14th I finally get to see them! I'm also looking forward to a trip to Edinburgh, Records Store Day and a trip to see my brothers so Eva can meet there dogs.

I started working on my new years goal to build up a vinyl collection; Metz. We took Eva to the pub, she loved meeting the other dogs. Exploring the woods close to our house, so creepy early on a morning. Eva started losing her teeth!! I managed to find two. The benefits of taking over an allotment; left over goods. The weather was crazy over here for a couple of days! it started hailing whilst Eva and me were out in a field so I took shelter under a tree... and sunk into the mud., Exploring nature reserves. It was my friend Kates birthday; she planned the best zombie themed game! The highlight of my month was getting to meet my amazing friend Amy and Anthonys new baby, Rory! Oh god. I love him. Such a good month. 


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  1. We started a vinyl collection just over a year ago, we have over 800 off them now, it's a little addictive.


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