25 March 2014

Golden Acre Park.

Recently, I have spent no where near as much time as I would like to have here. It kind of sucks. Work is stressful at the minute, and taking up a lot of my energy; which is resulting in me not wanting to do all that much when I do get home. Any spare time I have I spend with Dixon and the pup at home.

This week I have taken a couple of days out of work to catch up on the little things; bake some bread, sew, fix up our front yard, plant some plants and make a trip into town with Eva. First though, because the weather was perfect, I took trip to Golden Acre Park and (accidentally) a little nature reserve right by it. I've never been to Golden Acre Park before, its only about 2 miles away from our house so decided I would walk.

I took a wrong turn and ended up in a little nature reserve with a beck running through it; It wasn't anything too special. I'd probably walk Eva there all the time if it was close by. Golden Acre was much better and huge. We walked around for ages. I was excited when I saw on the map there was an Arboretum! But, I either missed it because it was awfully signposted or it wasn't that impressive. Maybe its the wrong time of year to enjoy trees? The lake was pretty awesome though and full of ducks, swans and geese. There were tonnes of flowers and blossom trees too. I stopped for a (terrible) coffee in the cafe and Eva fell asleep on my lap. It was so good to get out during the day and not worry about work.


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