1 October 2013

See Ya September.

September was the first full month in our new house. I may finally be getting used to it here, I am definitely enjoying it and looking forward to getting to know it better. I can't believe we're now into the 10th month of the year, it will be 2014 before we know it! Come on Autumn, I am ready.

In September I made my most favourite pizza ever; super thin base and caramelised onions! I enjoyed sitting in the yard for my morning coffee. We made a trip to the Yorkshire Bicycle Show, and I got myself a Yorkshire bike cap which I love. I painted our living room, all by myself! I have never decorated before. I ended up covered in paint, but the room looks pretty good. I got a new sofa delivered. I am in love with it. I discovered how much I love mango. I got some instagram photos printed, I spent time in the yard soaking up the last of the summer sun.


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