29 September 2013



The seasonal timing of moving into our first house with a garden was pretty crappy. We have had a reasonably good summer in England this year (as far as Summers in England go, I mean) and it would have been amazing to have been able to enjoy those hot days laid in a garden rather than on a balcony. Planet Earth obviously knew this and yesterday we had clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine. 

I took the chance to lay out for a while (when I really should have been painting the living room), listen to some music and explore the garden. As you'll be able to see the lawn needs some serious maintenance. The people that lived here before obviously didn't care all that much about the garden as a whole. Thats fine though that lack of yard maintenance has lead to ivy taking over a wall and brambles tacking route! I cant wait to neaten the whole thing up, get weeding and ready to plant vegetables next year.

Enjoying the sun whilst leaves fall from the trees is pretty amazing. And, we still have the snow to look forward to.

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