1 August 2013

See Ya July.

Holy crap, it is AUGUST. The 8th month in 2013. I am actually pretty happy to see the back of July. August is the month of celebration! It's Dixons birthday which means a visit from family and celebrating my favourite person, Dixons birthday is shortly followed by the anniversary of when Dixon and I first met 4 whole years ago. That's kind of exciting. We plan to go back to where we met! We will also be moving and attending a wedding. Woo hoo!

July was a serious roller coaster month, but lets not dwell on that.We had some amazing weather and spend time on the balcony. We rode our bikes into town and rediscovered the fruit and vegetable market. I watched a whole lot of the Tour de France! Hot sauce was definitely this months sauce of choice. We broke into our first home-hopped-brew, it's pretty tasty. We hung out with our (hopefully) future dog (twice!)! We walked him in the blistering heat and I cant wait to see him again. I saw Braid play in my favourite venue and played some pool there too. I fell in love with a camera I have had for years and never used. I saw some taxidermy. And drank sangria. Roll on August.



  1. Great pictures - it is great that you are looking forward to August and I hope it brings you happiness! That camera is very nice too! :)

  2. Even though you had some drama you still had a great month. You guys did tons of stuff. I mean hello.. you saw braid and the new pup! :)


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