28 July 2013


Well, that was pretty scary. But, I am so so relieved to say that we will be getting the keys to our new home in 22 days! ! I thought it would never happen after losing the first place and our current landlord being the biggest douchebag of all time. But we found a letting agent that went beyond the call of duty to find us a new home, she has restored my faith in man-kind and there is a huge bunch of flowers on their way to her right now.

Although it wont be the house we initially wanted to move into, I am excited. We'll have much more space and a garden that I am so excited to spend my weekends in. We should also have a little more freedom when it comes to decorating (I'm already planning a few ideas and paint parties).

Now, it's time for boxes and parcel tape. Moving is usually pretty stressful, but I have a feeling that on the back of the last few weeks it is going to be a breeze. We may have more stuff than I initially thought, I've emptied out our huge bookcase and thats already filled 6 boxes!  And, I am really not looking forward to deconstructing and reconstructing all the furniture that we have accumulated in our two years here. I can't wait to organise our new rooms though.



  1. Yay! I'm super glad that everything worked out for you. That old landlord has some serious horrible karma coming his way. So no worries.

  2. New spaces are always fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Moving is kinda fun because you get to find things your forgot you had, I love that part! Good luck!



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