5 April 2013

Sewing Goals

Oh god, I go on about this quite a lot don't I? I am a new sewing obsessive. I have the basics down. I can sew straight, I can follow a pattern and I even know some of the fancy stitching words. Now, I'd like to following more detailed patterns, add stuff to stuff and practice. It's time to actually MAKE some things. Things I can wear and use, and be super proud of. The perfect opportunity to set myself some goals!

1. Collars - I love collars. I'd like to learn to make a detachable one, but also to add them to a dresses and tops. Peter-Pan ones mainly. There are a whole load of patterns out there to help me.

2. A Skirt (or two) -  Namely, the Miette from the amazing Tilly and the Button. I have already tackled the very simple One Hour Skirt with some material I had spare, but I will be making it again a little longer and in some fabric I'll actually wear.

3. Pajama Bottom - For Dixon and me! There are a whole load of patterns out there, I can't decide which one to choose. But I do love me some PJ bottoms. Especially when I can choose the fabric! Watermelon PJs are a definite.

4. A Zip-Close Bag - Okay, this may sound pretty simple. I want a light, biggish bag to use whilst in Barcelona, or at the beach this summer. One that is secure and tough. Maybe it can have compartments? Maybe padding too? I'll probably make this from a design in my head.

5. A Dress - I wasn't going to put this on here, because it terrifies me! But what is the point in setting goals if they are easy to achieve? Is something from this store too ambitious? I'd love to make myself a 50's dress. I'm going to track down the perfect pattern.

I'm going to give myself 5 months for this challenge. I'll share with you each thing I make, my lessons learnt, patterns used and rate them on how easy they are. I can't wait to share an outfit with you where I have made the main thing!

I know there are a few of you our there that sew, or are learning to, so maybe I'll inspire you to make yourself something amazing! Most of all though, I'd like you to share you tips with me. Whats your favourite sewing blog? Have you made anything amazing recently?


Little Reminder: My guest poster search is still open, if you have something amazing to share head a read of this post and get in touch! Thank you to everyone who has already been in touch. I'll be getting back to everyone mid-next week.

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