9 March 2013

Looking Back.

Tomorrow is By the Locks First Blogiversary! A whole year has passed since I sat down to write a little blog post. I had absolutely no idea what I was planning to do with this space then, and I also had no idea this blog would introduced me to a whole bunch of amazing things and some even more amazing people (hello!). It is cheesy as hell but it has really changed my life. I have learnt so much and been so inspired by all of you. I still get excited every time I see a comment pop up, or a new reader follow. Thanks to every single one of you. Tune back in tomorrow for even more of a sob-fest.

I thought I'd reminisce a little and share some of my all time favourite posts. I've never done this before but I know some people do each month, I found it so tough! I'd never be able to do it each month. Click through the photo to see the original post. Enjoy!

1// A Stitch and a Story 2// Sweet Potato + Pinto Bean Burger 3// Book a Week #8 - Jaws! 4// Dog Day 6// Candied Macadamias 7// Hand-printed Cotton Napkins



  1. Oh, congratulations on your one year blogaversary! Looking forward to the sob fest post (and many more!)

  2. I love this post and congrats on the blog-i-versary! I did a really similar post for my 100th post (a few weeks ago, I think it's still somewhere on the main page of my blog...) but I give you major props for narrowing it down to seven! I have fifteen on that post! I guess I just am bad at making decisions :]]] LOVE all of these but especially the dog one! Such cutie pies!!!!!!

    1. I found it really tough to pick out annny of my favourites! I am super indecisive, Thank you


  3. oh, i love the little heart printed towel and the thread house!

    lindsey louise


  4. Well done on a fab year! Love your blog <3


  5. Yay!!! Congrats on your first blogiversary! That is so exciting. I am happy to have joined this year and looking forward to many more!
    ♥Emma Deer


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