12 March 2013

50 Home Crafts - Make an Envelope Cushion - 3/50

Cushions are a super easy way to add colour and personality into a room. Making your very own cushion cover means you can style an area exactly how to want it; you choose the material, colour, pattern, the size & the style. I am kind of picky so this is perfect for me. You can see a little video that I did on Vine of my first envelope cushion cover a few weeks ago. And here is how you can make your own:

You'll need:
     - A pillow!
     - Material: 1 patterned & 1 plain, matching thread.
     - Sewing machine.
     - Scissors.
     - Iron.

1. Measure your material; For the patterned front cut out your pillow size + 1cm on each edge. For the back cut out your pillow size + 1cm on 3 sides, but on the 4th, which will be the bottom edge of your cushion cover add an additional 11cms.
2. With what will be the bottom of the back piece nearest you, measure half way up and draw a line horizontal left to right. Cut along this line. This will be your envelope!
3. On the two edges you just cut iron in a double seam about a centimetre thick. Pin in place and sew along each seam. Back stitch to seal each end.
4. Place your patterned front piece flat with the pattered facing up, pin your two back pieces in place around the edges. The back pieces where you have sewn a seam (in step 3) should overlap by a few cm's.
5. Stitch around the whole cover parameter, around a 1/4inch seam. Back stitch to seal again.
6. Snip off your corners, flip the whole thing the right way around and you're done!

I hope I explained that well enough for you, its a super easy thing to make. If you have any questions please let me know! And if you make one yourself, plllease let me know that too!

I'm going to make this into a mini-series of sorts. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing with you guys ideas on how you can customise your cushions; from patch working to adding lace. I have 6 left on my sofa that need new covers so a lot to share. Exciting!! Enjoy your Tuesday.

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