4 January 2013

Left-Over Cloud

I finally got around to finishing the patch work side of my hand-made quilt this week (#13). I'll be ordering the wadding and hopefully finishing it up in the next couple of weeks. Exciting!! I'll share it with you when I'm done. 

The quilt left me with a few left over scraps and not being one to waste the amazing prints, I decided to make a patchwork-cloud! Okay, the shape isn't completely perfect (I couldn't find a pencil!) and it could have done with an iron before stuffing it. But, I quite like it! If only I knew someone who has having a baby, I think it'd be pretty cute hung in a nursery.



  1. It's still really creative, I like it :)

  2. This is totally adorable! I love the "rain drops" that you added below the cloud!

    Thanks for the sweet comment today :)

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of adding more rain drops actually!

      No problem at all :)


  3. Super cute! The rain drops are rad.


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