12 January 2013

A Birthday Wishlist.

My birthday is a month away! I don't usually make too much of a big deal about it but naturally (maybe a little prematurely) I have been day dreaming of a few gifts! I thought it'd be fun to share some of my favourites. I'm really getting into the idea of hand printing at the minute so that may have swayed my decisions on a few of the above. 

1// Gallop Horse Fabric by Katherine Codega // I'm sure I have mentioned Katherines fabric on here before, I absolutely adore it! I'd love to make a quilt using a selection of her fabrics. The patterns are just amazing, I also love the Bows & Arrows and Lucky Horse Shoe fabrics.

2// Fruit Plate by Marimekko Kompotti // I'm a total sucker for cute dinnerware, and this is possibly the sweetest. I'd love to have a cupboard stacked high of mismatched plates. This could be my first of many! Marimekko is pretty talented.

3// Have Mercy Poster by Jordon Grace Owens // I have had my eyes on this for a while actually. Our flats walls are quite bare at the moment and this would add some amazing colour. I think it'd look great in a thick black frame.

4// Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt // I have heard great reviews about this book, and Christine Schmidt has some amazing work. I'm actually looking at taking a printing night class in a month or two and this would be a great introduction.

5// Lino Handprinting Set from Amazon // I lino-printed a little whilst I studied art years ago, and recently it is calling out at me again! I have a tonne of ideas I'd love to create but no doubt I'm completely out of practise. It'd be great to get my own tools together and get back into it



  1. I received the Print Workshop book as a holiday and it is so packed with information and inspiration. I hope you get it too! Cheers.

    1. Oh amazing! I'm glad to have a first hand review! I'll definitely be getting it, thank you


  2. The Have Mercy print <3 how cute!

  3. My birthday is a month away too and I have been dreaming of some new pretty things to call my own. Love your picks.
    Almost Endearing

  4. I love the "Have Mercy" poster - thanks for putting in a link to the artist! Hope you have a lovely birthday :) x


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