10 December 2012

Berry Cocktails

I finally gathered some things together to make cocktails, and have a bit of an experiment. This was one experiment I was completely willing to be my own guinea pig for.

I ended up with two really wonderful, simple drinks. Which I really want you to make, and share. They're both sparkling wine based, but of course you could substitute this for fizzy grape juice for the kids or those who don't drink. I am no mixologist, but hopefully I explain it well.

Raspberry and Vanilla 

You'll need:
       - Fresh Raspberries
       - Natural Vanilla extract
       - Sugar
       - Sparkling Wine - I used a Conegliano Prosecco (found at Sainsbury's) I chose it because of its fruit under notes, you don't need anything fancy but fruity rather than dry would be good. 
       - A sieve, wooden skewers.

First of all, in a cup, crush up 1-2 raspberries with 4tsps of sugar per glass you plan to make. Into the mixture add about half a shallow teaspoon of vanilla extract, or more to taste. In a glass pore your super chilled sparkling wine, add the raspberry mixture and stir. Whilst the mixture is all fusing together add a row of berries to a wooden skewer and roll them in sugar. Back to the wine mixture, sieve out the seeds and pull and pour the remaining liquid into a nice wine glass. It should be a beautiful pink-orange colour. Add your sugar berry skewer and serve. 

I think the best thing about this is that no-one has an excuse not to eat the fruit! I hate making punches and being left with a tonne of fruit at the end. Its sweet, sparkly and the vanilla adds extra depth.

Blackberry and Lemon

You'll need:
       - Frozen blackberries.
       - Lemon Bitter - I used Fee Brothers, alternatively if you want it to be less alcoholic and/or you can't get your hands on bitters, you can use Sanpellegino Limonata (basically, the best lemonade drink you can get, ya know) 
      - Sparkling Wine - As Above
      - Sugar

In a little bowl, soak your frozen blackberries in a little lemon bitter (you'll only need a drop or two per berry), this will start them defrosting. Sprinkle over a little sugar. You ideally want them to be soft on the outside and still chilled in the middle so they keep the drink cool. Add 2 or 3 berries of your soaked berries to a wine glass, juice should have been drawn out as they've defrosted so add a little of that too. Add your sparkling wine and a few more drops of bitter. Serve.

The blackberries will keep the drink chilled, and the bitter will add a little sharpness. The colour will be golden and more purple the longer it stands.


  1. Two awesome combinations! I'm not much of a fruit person, but I know even I couldn't resist one of those raspberries dipped in sparkling wine!

  2. ooh these look delightful :))))

  3. 1. I love berries. 2. I love cocktails. 3. I think berries IN cocktails are soooo pretty :) XO your newest follower


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