31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

For me Halloween is about getting together with friends and watching a scary stupid film. Last year we chose The Cube it was so bad it was good so this year we're watching The Cube 2, naturally. I was hoping to make a ghost piñata, but I'm thinking of making spoooooooooky cookies instead. I hope you have an amazing Halloween whatever you decide to do. Here's a photo of Steve the Reindeers costume to inspire you. Scary huh?


  1. haha, The Cube, that movie brings back some memories, me and my best mate used to watch the worst horror movies when we were teenagers. Now we live on the other side of the world but whenever I am in the UK and we get together we always buy a box of mint matchmakers and watch a bad scary movie! Happy Halloween x


    1. Hahaha that sounds amazing! I only saw it for the first time last Halloween and I was in bits watching it.


  2. Eeeek!! I will not sleep tonight. ;)

    Happy Halloween!


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