30 September 2012

Netflix Picks.

A few films & documentaries I've loved this September;

Jiro Dreams of Sushi- Dixon and me watched this one together after one of his work friends recommended it, and it was a great recommendation. This documentary is about Jiro, a amazingly talented sushi chef who has a tiny tiny restaurant in a subway station in Japan, he has been awarded 3 Michelin star (the highest award!) and has a waiting list of about a month. Jiro's work ethic and passion for his craft really inspired me, at 85 he still works every single days, and complains when there is a national holiday. Amazingly inspirational.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey -  I'd heard people talking about it here and there, so when I ran across it on Netflix, I decided to give it a watch. Its reasonably short, so easy to watch and I really loved it.  Kevin Clash grew up watching the Muppets on tv, and making his own puppets to preform with for the local kids. Kevin is completely inspirational and completely dedicated, he is also super shy, I think that why I liked him. There are a few tear inducing moments and its great to see behind the scenes of some of the shows I loved as a kid too. Heart warmer.

Your Fathers Murderer: A Letter to Zachary- This film tells the story of a murdered man, Andrew Bagby, through interviews with family and friends, you hear about the accused; the ex girlfriend. You see all the evidence pointing towards her, and the shock when she is constantly released on technicalities. The ex-girlfriend announces she's pregnant, Andrews parents give up everything over in England to move to Newfoundland to fight for this baby, the last living part of their son. Shes jailed, then released. Another heart breaker, more so than anything else I have ever heard.  I have so much admiration for those Granparents. Angering, scary, everyones nightmare.

The Muppets - Inspired by Being Elmo, I finally got around to watching The Muppets movie. I'm one of the kids that grew up watching the Muppets, I went to see Muppets Treasure Island at the cinema for my 7th birthday and had the best time. The new movie was even better than I expected. I completely love Jason Segel. Be a kid again.


I also watched Being Sean which was great and I finished watching the last series of Weeds which I completely loved! Do you have any recommendations? I love documentaries and I'd love to find a new series to watch!

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