3 July 2012

A Book a Week #2

I have to admit I haven't read this book in a long time. My Dad used to work at a college when I was younger, and would bring home books all the time. The Wasp Factory is one I picked out from a pile he brought home one day, and was probably the first 'adult' book I read cover to cover and really enjoyed. (I have to admit too, the only reason I picked it up is it had the words 'gothic horror' on the front)

I partly love this book because of the memories it reminds me of from when I was in high school, and partly because the story is SO bizaar. The book is written from the point of view of Frank, a twisted seventeen year old. As the story unfolds you're exposed to glimpses of his traumatic childhood where, on separate occasions, he has murdered three children. You're also introduced to Eric, Franks older brother who has escaped from the an insane asylum and is on the run, but slowly making his way back to the island Frank shares with his father. Its a short book and very easy to get in to, you have no idea whats going to happen next.

Iain Banks has some other amazing books too, and was all I read for a while. You should look them up.

To everyone that commented on A Book a Week #1, thank you!! I'm impressed how many books you guys listed that I haven't even heard of, I've added them all onto my wish list, and also ordered one or two (I love you Amazon). I'm currently half way through two books (Hollywood- Bukowski, and We need to talk about Kevin- Shriver), but as soon as I'm done I can start on your recommendations, so please keep them coming!

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. That sounds intense! I like the sound of the way the story unfolds especially ! At the moment i'm reading the first volume of Game of Thrones as i've been watching it alongside the book. It's really good, but quite heavy in places- the story is amazing though :) x

    1. oooooh. I've heard so much about Game of Thrones but haven't watched, or read, anything in the series. Maybe i'll take the plunge!

      chloe x


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chloe x

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