29 November 2013

Shark and Owl - Sugar Biscuits.

I made biscuits and they actually turned out exactly how I wanted! Dixon got me cookie cutters for my birthday yeeaaars ago; one owl & one shark (the best animals!). I tried them out a couple of times but the results were crap. I mean, they basically all turned into one big tray of mush. I am no baker. I gave in. Sadfaced.

But, I did decided to give it another go (a couple of years down the line, I know). I thought with Christmas coming up a box of home-made biscuits would be a pretty cool gift; although I may go for a more conventional Christmas shape for those ones. Is Shark Santa a thing? Anyway, this recipe is simple and tasty. It makes a whole lot too so they're perfect for sharing and dunking in hot chocolate.

I used: 1 1/4 Cup Flour, 1/2 Cup Sugar, 1/2 CupVegan Butter (I use Vitalite), 1tsp of Cinnamon (lemon juice or vanilla if you like) & about 10ml of Water. (Water levels will completely vary, add a tablespoon at a time!)

Pulse the dry ingredients and butter together in a blender, or rub together with your hands. Add the water super slowly whilst the blender is spinning, stopping every couple of tablespoons; you're looking for a dryish crummy texture that will stick together easily. 

Pour your mixture into a bowl and squeeze it all together. Roll out onto your work surface until its 3-4mm thick. Grease a baking tray. Cut out your shapes and place them onto your tray. The next part is the magic part, and where I think I was going wrong the whole time; FREEZE IT. Stick your tray into the freezer for at least 15 minutes. 

Put your biscuits into the oven at Gas Mark 6. (You might want to check they haven't stuck to the tray first.) Bake for about 7minutes, but keep an eye on them; Once they start to golden, they're done!

Remove from the tray to cool. Then you can decorate as you like. I used a super simple drizzled icing. Half dipped in chocolate would be awesome, or with sprinkles. Share and Enjoy.


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  1. awww, those are so cute! glad they worked out this time around for you!


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