3 September 2013

A Local Vegetable Box.

I've mentioned recently that I'm getting back into shopping for my fruit and vegetables in my local market. It makes way way more sense to pick up my things from there. It is a whole lot cheaper than any supermarket, there is more choice and its all seasonal, fresh and tasty. It keeps my hard earned money in my local area. Less packaging means less waste, locally sourced means less pollution.

So, when Millies contacted me asking if I wanted to try out a vegetable box from a farm only 6 miles from my house, I got pretty excited! 

The box was so big my little arms couldn't carry it and I had to pack it into a couple of bags. It was full of some of my favorites (chilies, smoked garlic, broccoli), some things I wouldn't usually choose (parsley, cabbage, rhubarb) and even a few things I couldn't even identify (kohlrabi anyone!? Cavolo Nero maybe?). A million different meal ideas started running through my head; I was excited to make something new and different. It all looked so good. It is so amazing that all this was grown on Whiteleys Farm only a few miles from my house.

Rhubarb mini-pies, roasted squash stew, chili jam, kholrabi-slaw? The first thing I decided to tackle was the huge huge huge bunch of parsley! My friend Amy suggested I try out making tabbouleh, which was perfect because I now had everything in the house I needed to make it. Plus, I had never made it before. I'll share the recipe, and a bunch of others, on here shortly.


Have you got any suggestions on what I should make? I'd love to hear if any of the these amazing vegetables are your favorites? Have you ever had a vegetable box delivered? I am definitely going to start after how much I loved this one.


My vegetable box comes c/o Whiteleys Farm via Millies of Leeds. If you're from the area you need to get down to both.


  1. Mmmmmm. I love veggies. Especially asparagus :)

  2. Just seen this now- feel like I am famous! xx

    ps. your blog is great x

  3. Just amazing packaging.Well yes among the vegetables that you have mentioned I love broccoli a lot.

    1. It was in a box, but my feeble arms couldn't carry it.



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