15 June 2013


Almost two week have passed since I started my new healthy regime and wrote a post entitled 'Health' and things are going... okay. Okay is probably the best way to describe it. I am 6lb down. 6lb to me seems very little, but it is a start. And, my first goal is a stone so at least I am on my way.

The first weekend was a huge glitch, I was crap and ate crap, my 6lb would be much more if I'd have tried harder over those days. Looking back too, it was needless, which makes it more frustrating. To be honest though, during the week things have been good. Lunches are generally being taken to work, and when they're not I haven't been tempted by the tasty, carby baked potato place that's just next door. My bag now always has an apple or two in it, just in case. Is that weird?  Breakfast is being eaten. Salads and fruit are snacks. We're exploring new vegetables and learning new recipes. And, mainly, avoiding crap. Its pretty straightforward really.

Here is to learning lessons. And here is to getting a new bike next week and clocking up a million miles on Strava.


  1. Very exciting to get a new bike! Strava is definitely a motivator. So impressed by all your healthy eating. Biggest challenge for me is actually bothering to prepare a packed lunch, instead of just grabbing a pack of Doritos!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself! 6lb is a great achievement, and probably a healthy amount to lose in 2 weeks. Keep it up, it sounds like you're doing great :)

    1. You're right, people recommend you lose 2-3lb a week to keep it off, it just doesn't seem a lot!! Thank you!



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