6 June 2013


So, here is to health. And some changes that hopefully wont seem so hard in a week or two. If I survive those first few days, I mean. I am completely sick of being that fat-kid. I want to find jeans that fit comfortably. I want to cycle for miles. I want to swim. And swim. And swim. I love salads, could eat vegetables forever and adore fruit, but I also love bread, pasta and pizza. I know this strictness wont be forever, but I am going to need some help here, willpower.

Dixon has already done amazing and lost a lot of weight this year, so it's time I joined him. We're on day four. I'm eating breakfast, which I never used to; Smoothies, muesli and coffee. Dinner at work is salad (raw asparagus is a new favourite), maybe some left overs. Tea is a whole tonne of vegetables, with lentils, beans or brown rice. Yesterday we had steamed vegetables, the day before that we had an Afrian-style stew. Snacks are fruit, soy-yoghurt or crispbreads.

No processed foods, no white cards, no crap. Stay active! Bike, bike, bike. I'm feeling positive. My first goal is a stone.


  1. This is great, Chloe and I'm so happy for you! I'm sure the beginning will be tough, but you can totally do it! Just keep the end in sight and you'll be fine. :) I just bought a blender recently and most of my snacks have been coming from blended stuff and without trying I've lost a few pounds. If I need a heartier snack, I add granola or muesli and a small handful of almonds into my smoothie, and I also always add spinach or kale with some fruit. You mentioned you are already drinking smoothies, but I just thought I'd share because I feel so much healthier and happy now knowing that I'm only putting good things into my body. Good luck on the rest of your quest! :)


    1. Home made smoothies are the best! I have been throwing in a handful of oats to make some more of a snack too. So good.


  2. good luck Chloe! It's hard work at first, but soon you'll get into a routine and it will become easy. You'll actually crave healthy stuff too :) Just stick to it and you'll see (and feel) the results. I know you can achieve your goals :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm super determined so hopefully it'll stick



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