20 March 2013

Half Way There.

I am currently half way through and/or perfecting a whole heap of crafts to share with you. I seem to be tackling things that are taking sooooo long to finish. Its pretty exhausting. Dixon always says I'm a halfer, and quit all the time, but I'm determined to finish these. Do you ever have that feeling,  like you're never going to finish? Sorts of takes over your life doesn't it? Maybe I need to concentrate on just the one thing? Hm.

Gems are hard to paint. I have a bunch of fabric waiting to be made into amazing stuff but a technique that isn't quite there yet. How cute are those buoys on the red? Tackling cross-stitch for the first time. Quack. Bullion knots will be the end of me.


1 comment:

  1. your embroideries are awesome! don't worry about how long it takes to finish— sometimes ~*life*~ happens ;-)


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