16 February 2013

Lately - In Photos.


1// It snowed, a lot. It didn't last, but it looked beautiful against the blue sky. 2// Our new book case/room divider, with a waving Dixon 3// Playing around with fabric paints, more to come on that soon. 4// How cute are these beans!? Is that weird? Don't they look like peddles! They ended up in a chilli. 5// A snippet from my craft desk. Including a baby photo of Steve. 6// I revisited the focaccia. This time with olives! Super tasty. 7// Hi!.

Recently I have been feeling super inspired. Dixon bought me a sewing machine for my birthday (probably the best gift ever!).  Ive spent a lot of time sat in my craft room getting used a sewing machine again (I made my own napkins!!). I have a million ideas written down on things to make and do (not all sewing machine based). I just wish I had the time to get them into action. And this weekend? Well, my parents and brothers are visiting today for a birthday meal. I'm quite excited to show them Leeds. What are your weekend plans? I hope what ever your plans are, you have the best time!


  1. Sewing machines make the best presents ever! I can't imagine ever not having one now, love your retro specs x

    1. I can't stop thinking of things to make!! So much fun



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