29 January 2013

Sweet Potato + Pinto Bean Burger

I'm not really sure what makes something Tex-Mex, but I think this may be it, maybe? Smokey, sweet and spicy. Bean burgers are a vegetarian dietary staple, we all know that! And there are a whoooolllle load of recipes out there. So, here is my take on the classic bean burger! I've taken my favourite parts from all those recipes and mashed them together (literally). I made the bread myself too, not that I'm bragging :)

Okay, so here is what you need:

     - 1 Medium Sweet Potato, peeled and diced
     - 250g Pinto Beans
     - Half a chopped white onion, diced.
     - Handful of Sweet Corn
     - 1/2tbsp of coriander seeds, black pepper corns, sea-salt, chilli flakes & cumin seeds, ground together.
     - Liquid Smoke (we use Hot-Heatz- Smoke It)
     - Flour for dusting
     - Your favourite bread, and all the toppings.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Cook your sweet potato by boiling it & in a separate pan boil your pinto beans. When the beans are almost done throw in your corn.
2. When everything is soft, drain thoroughly and mash in a bowl with a potato-masher. (Save about 1/4 of your beans and sweet corn mix so you can have some chunky bits!) Add in your spices and about 5 drops of liquid smoke (smoked paprika would be perfect if you don't have it!). This is the perfect chance to give your mixture a taste, does it need anything?
4. Mix again then refrigerate for 30-60minutes.
5. Add some oil in a frying pan, or griddle. Whilst the oil heats form your burgers. You can make whatever size you'd prefer. I made 4! Dust with a little flour. This will prevent them from sticking whilst you cook them.
6. Add to the frying pan. Try and turn them as little as possible so the sides seal and it doesn't drop apart! It'll give you a nice crispy coating too.
7.  Once nicely brown, they're ready to serve! Add your favourite toppings. I had tomato, gherkins, rocket, spinach and sweet chilli sauce! Dixon had sun-dried tomatoes, a tonne of beetroot, rocket, spinach and BBQ sauce.



  1. I wish I liked beans...but pinto beans are different than the normal beans right? I like the idea of making a sweet potato burger...hmm...interesting!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. That looks DELISH! I'm personally not vegetarian, but literally all of my closest friends are, so I've grown really accustomed to having veg-meals. And they're always wonderful! Must recommend this to one of my friends. :]

  3. That looks fantastic and pretty darn easy! I may actually try it (:

  4. This looks SO good! I love sweet potato; i must try this recipe!

  5. oh yum !!sweet potatoes are a personal favorite. i can't believe i don't own any liquid smoke >.< never even thought to buy it. this will change soon. new follower here and took advantage of your button swap :) heartandthrift.com i cant wait to explore more.


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