8 January 2013

Nail Time.

// Barry M - Yellow // Rimmel - 080 Black Cab // Barry M - Top Coat //

I have been using manicure stickers for quite a while now and it make me lose a little nail-spiration (totally a word). Then, Kaylah posted her favourite nail designs and a whole load of ideas popped into my head. The result is what may be my favourite ever nail design and colour combo! I'm going to be very sad to see it go and I can see myself wanting to do it again and again. 

Oh, do you guys do base coats on your nails? I'd love to know your brand recommendations! I have only recently started to and holy crap it makes so much difference! The colour lasts loads longer, it protects your nails and, like with this yellow, your nails won't stain. Perfect!


  1. I use a Sally Jensen base coat...it's basic but I have noticed my nail color goes onto my nails so much easier!! =)

    I love your nails!! They look so cool! =)


  2. Oh I love these! I was also inspired by Kaylah's nails/nail stickers. My plain truth is that I just don't have that much time to devout to painting my nails, but sometime I should just take an hour to "do me" and give them a nice little manicure. Wow, glad to hear such a raving review about base coats...I should probably check some out!

    1. She is a talented lady. You do need to set the time aside if you want to make it look good, I usually do it whilst watching a film! Basecoats are the way to go definitely!!



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