14 September 2012

#FFF - Aloo Tikki

Did you know that Mcdonalds recently opened their first ever completely vegetarian restaurant? I'm not completely sure how I feel about it. I mean, it can't be bad that they're taking into consideration their customers dietary needs, but on the other hand, do Indians really need a vegetarian fast food joint? They've been doing pretty well on the vegetarian front for a fair few years now. Healthy stuff at that! I know if I was over in India, Mcdonalds would definitely be the last place I would eat.

Whilst I was reading I saw their signature burger would be the McAloo Tiki burger. 'Looks tasty!' I thought, so I went ahead and made it, the whole dish turned into some weird Indian/American fast food fusion.

I based my patties on this recipe, I didn't use bread crumbs and used a lot more spices. I found them super difficult to pan fry, I ruined 7 trying to do this and got pretty angry. I ended up grilling them instead. Which worked out amazing! 

I served them as a burger, just how Mcdonalds would have in a bun with onion and salad leaves, along with double fried fries and corn on the cob with a home made spicy butter. The best part was probably the tomato sauce I made for them which was super spicy. I just fried up onions, garlic and cherry tomatoes with chili and curry powder and cooked on a mega low heat for ages so it got sweet and mushy. Mmmm.

Dixon had a couple the next day for his dinner at work, and said they were even better cold! I can't wait to make these again. Happy Friday!


  1. these look yummy! I bet they taste superior to McDonalds ones :) I am a vegetarian but I don't think I could bring myself to go to a McDonalds even if they were serving purely vego food....

    1. I think I have the same stance! Its still going to be junk


  2. I don't think I could ever agree with McDonald's opening a vegetarian restaurant. It just doesn't feel right to me as a vegan.

    <3 Melissa

    1. Its obvious that over in India they weren't dominating enough. As mentioned above, I don't think i'd ever go in if one opened in my town. I'm thankful they introduced my to Aloo Tikkis though!



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