19 August 2012

Instagram Week

I haven't done this for a while! As my instagram was disabled mid-week for a couple of days and I thought I'd lost it forever (my blog was flagged as spam!) I'm celebrating. Here are my Instagram week highlights!

1. Breaking in my beautiful new shoes in preparation for the weekends wedding party. I was pretty impressed with myself at how long I lasted in them, I really can't wear heels. 2. My stitching progress, I'll hopefully finish this next week, and hang it in the hall. Then its off to the craft store for supplies for a new project (CANT WAIT) 3. My parents bought Dixon a tagine for his birthday!! Pretty amazing, we're close to needing a bigger kitchen with all the things we have. 4. Simple wedding nails. I finally bought a good top coat5. Ready for the wedding! (which was the best) 6. Our tomatoes are getting big! We have about 8 growing at the minute, I can't wait to eat them. 

Hope you all had an awesome week.

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