1 July 2012

See ya June!

It's been asuper fun month. Here's a few things that made me happy in June:

-The sun shining over the canal, making our balcony view even better. We're so lucky.
 -Going on holiday of  course. I loved Porto, and loved being with my friends, seeing amazing bands and exploring a new city.
-Our avocado finally getting a root! Last week when I was changing its water I clumsily snapped it, nightmare!! But I'm happy to say its recovered, and is still growing, phew.
-Reading a new book in the bath. Which will be happening a lot more thanks to your suggestions here.
-Coffees with this guy whilst our shopping for kitchen supplies.
-Receiving a lovely gift in the post from Tally & Hoe. Even the packaging is amazing!
-Our new regular balcony visitors, Mr and Mrs Collared Dove. They don't seen to mind us standing so close to them either which is amazing.

And now its July! I cant believe how fast this year is going, its scary but July is going to be an amazing month though;

We're off to buy a juicer today, and i'll be sharing some tasty ideas on making your own juice. I'm hoping to go swimming (I don't want the costume I bought to go to waste), get my bikes puncture fixed and hopefully play some tennis. My brother is building me a computer, fingers crossed I'll  have that before the end of the month and be able to make this page a whole lot prettier. AND at the end of the month, we're going to see Morrisey again, in an arena this time, I've never seen anyone play somewhere so huge, can't wait!!

I hope you had an amazing June, and have an even better July everyone!

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