27 July 2012

#FFF - Salsa

My intention was to share with you some amazing owl & shark cookies using some cutters Dixon gave me for my birthday agggess ago, the idea was they'd be half dipped in chocolate. Nom nom nom. But, I cannot bake, I try and try, but nothing ever turns our. So, here is something I made earlier in the week that I was very proud of.

It is so simple, I almost feel like i'm being condescending writing this out into a recipe for you guys but you really have to make your own salsa, dont ever ever buy it in a jar. We had it in fajitas earlier in the week, but it'd be great on nachos, any Mexican food, in a wrap with salad, as a dip, hot, cold, anything!

You will need:
   - A cup of tomatoes, I used a mix of cherry and regular.
   - 3 cloves of garlic
   - 1 medium red onion
   - Jalapenos, or any chili you like
   - Tomato puree paste
   - Lime
   - Olive oil
   - Dried oregano, smoked paprika, sea salt, black pepper, chili flakes.

Dice up the tomatoes and onion, smash the garlic and slice finely, dice up as many jalapenos as you'd like depending on how hot they are, and how hot you'd like it (I used about one). Put the onions and garlic into a readily heated sauce pan with a little olive oil, once softened add the tomatoes and jalapenos. The key is to have them on a slow simmer heat so the sweetness really comes out, give it a stir every so often. After 10-15 minutes when everything is juicy and a bit mushed, add a table spoon of tomato puree, half a tea spoon of smoked paprika, and half of oregano along with a few scrunches of sea salt and pepper, most importantly, a huge squeeze of lime.

Stir up, make sure to taste to see if you need anything else in there! If it seems dry, add a little move olive oil & tomato puree., or more lime. Put the lid on the pan and leave for 15-20 minutes. Serve with a few chili sprinkles and sprinkle of oregano! If you're not into the lumps. give it a blend.

Are you all watching the Olympic opening ceremony today? Either way, enjoy your Friday.


  1. I love salsa... I've recently become addicted to making raw salsa because it's so easy and delicious but I'm definitely going to give this a try! We have Mexican food loads, so this will be a great addition to my recipe file, thanks :) x

    1. i usually always make raw salsa, but i love the cooked one even more!! Let me know how it does.



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