20 July 2012

#FFF - Mango Icies

I got a little excited yesterday when I saw a glimpse of sun, and decided to use up some of the fruit we had (that was on its way out) and make icepops. The first icies I have made this year, stupid weather.

I made 5 pops, using the juice of 3 oranges, 2 soft ripe mangos and 1 banana. I tried mashing them all together with a fork but failed miserably so got out the trusty hand blended (we bought our hand blender for like £5 2 years ago now, and its amazing, every kitchen needs one) and whizzed them up with a little sugar. I dont know why I've never thought of using the hand blender to make smoothies before, I had a taste and it was lovely, and super thick too. I put in a couple of banana lumps too before freezing overnight. The colour is amazing! Pretty impressed.

Although they are reallly tasty (we're ate 3 last night). If I made them again, I'd probably not put in any banana, no matter how hard I try I still hate bananas. Strawberrys would be good!

Happy Friday!

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