29 June 2012


"Omg, vegan? I bet all you eat is like, salad!". Actually, yes! Well not always, but recently I have been eating looooads of salads.

I was planning on sharing with you a super tasty recipe for a salad dressing, and ideas on what to have it with, but you know what? I think the best thing about salads is everyone has their own favourite combinations, its all about building your own creations. If you're the kind of person who thinks salads are a boring meal, you're doing it wrong. Try something new!

My favourite additions are pine nuts! I love the extra texture. I'm not one for fruit in savory dishes, but pomegranate is SO good in a salad too. Balsamic vinegar is my must have dressing too, that or just plain lemon juice mmmmm.... and griddled sweet pepper is my new favorite addition (as you can probably tell they're in every photo on here). I almost forgot to mention fresh basil!

Dixon loves cherry tomato in his with griddled halloumi and asparagus. Honey Mustard is his favourite dressing (although he doesn't get to have it very often), and he always adds sprinkle of smoked paprika on. Here is one of Dixons recent creations, looks tasty huh?

Salads are a real summery meal, easy as hell to make, so tasty and so healthy. You really can'y go wrong. What're your favourite combinations?

Have a good Friday!

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  1. hmmm it all looks so yummy and it's perfect food for summer :)



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