21 May 2012

I did it!

I actually did it, I ran in my first ever 10km race, and didn't do terribly! I was aiming for 1hr 30minutes, but after being ill and training nowhere near enough as I should have I knew I would be happy with anything below 2hrs. I actually did it in 1hr 33minutes, look ! Dixon did a whole lot better than me at 1hr 10minutes.

On the morning we got up early, had some porridge (I felt sick with nerves so couldn't finish), a coffee then set off to the train station, I was pretty nervous the whole 1hour and 45minute train ride to Manchester, but it was difficult to be scared once we got to the street with the starting line on. There was so many people getting ready, warming up and music playing.

The race itself was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, even though I was way way way out of my comfort zone I think I did pretty well. Dixon originally was going to run along side me but after about 2km I told him to go on ahead, so I ran alone for next 8km! I've only just gotten the courage up to go for a run down the canal by myself; I always feel a complete goof running, but this time there was thousands of people running with me (about 40,000!) and hundreds more spectators cheering us on so it was impossible to hide.

Hitting 5km was a high point, knowing I was half way done felt amazing! Crossing the finishing line and seeing I'd beat 2hours was amazing too. At that point thought the huge timer showed that I'd done it in 1hr 48minutes, so I was very pleased when the results came online from the chips we had tied to our shoes!! It was great seeing Dixon waiting for me at the end too, I definitely wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for him :) And I am super proud of his time.

I was also SO happy to get a medal, okay it's only a participation medal, but its my first medal and I am super pleased to have it. We slept like babies last night and my legs ache today, but it was definitely worth it.

Lets not forget the main reason I did the race though, to raise some money for Wateraid. I have just gone past the £300 mark on my donation page, which is a lot more than I was ever hoping for, my employer will also match any donations which will make the money go so much further. 
I obviously can't choose where the money is spent, that's down to Wateraid, £600 could help buy 1 hand dug well, 3 hand pumps, train up 2 pump attendants and make a soap making business for 2 people, or i could be one huge gift of a Sanitation Advice Shop. The best thing about these are they will last, I am overwhelmed with happiness that with the help of my amazing friends and family I can make such a difference to peoples lives.

ps. Dixon has convinced me to sign up for the Sheffield 10km which is in September. This one wont be to raise money though, more to top my time score and keep fit.... so I better actually do some training.


Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts. I love to hear what you all think and I do read every single one soooo if you have a question, feel free to ask!

chloe x

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