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3 April 2012

i love shelves

We're gradually running out of kitchen cupboard space, we don't exactly lack kitchen storage we just have A LOT of kitchen stuff (we like to cook). I love displaying my thing too, whats the point in having awesome patterned cups, or cute sugar bowls when they're behind closed doors? So I bought this little book case (£12 from Argos!! ), in white to match the cupboards, and hey presto... extra space! The only problem now is I want to buy more things to display. Kitchen Catch 22.

I normally avoid buying super cheap furniture, but it does the job perfectly. I'm going to get another for the hall way too!

oh also, exciting garden update, the coriander is starting to look like coriander!!


  1. This is actually a really nifty idea! I've never ever thought of buying a small bookshelf to place on top of my counters. I agree though, Im a sucker for pretty things and just leaving them out on tables or kitchen tops just so people can see them! They need to be seen!xxx

    1. I'm quite proud of the idea, it freed up loads of space AND I can have my things out on display x


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